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Connecting Mental Health and Drug Abuse

A recent study by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) concluded that people with mental illness are more than seven times more likely to use marijuana on a regular basis than people without mental illness. This study’s findings mark another point of validation linking mental health and drug abuse.

Prominence Treatment Center has long maintained that in order to treat addiction, one must go deeper than the symptoms of their condition. Focusing on why individuals abuse drugs helps with the addiction treatment process. It allows drug treatment centers like Prominence to properly combat addiction in the long-term, and highlights overriding factors affecting addiction such as mental illness.

Mental Health and Drug Abuse
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We’ve noted in the past that nearly half the individuals who suffer from mental illness are addicted to some type of substance. Common disorders are depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder. In some cases, individuals have more than one mental disorder, which further complicates treatment. When an individual has more than one mental disorder, they’re given a dual diagnosis. Therefore, special medical treatment must be taken. Each disorder needs its own treatment, but each treatment has an affect on the other disorder’s outcome. It’s a delicate situation that needs specific training and experience. If only one disorder is treated, which is sometimes the case, then the patient isn’t going to experience the long-term sobriety he or she desires.

Connecting Mental Health and Drug Abuse
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This is why Prominence Treatment Center firmly believes in our comprehensive Non 12-Step rehab program. We take the time to fully understand the addict’s needs, to create the right combination of treatment for that particular patient, and provide every client with personalized care. Overcoming drug abuse is a long, difficult process. If your healthcare professional isn’t addressing the right issues, he or she is wasting your time.

If you or someone you love suffers from a drug abuse problem, please give one of our representatives a call. They can start you through the process of understanding what your needs are and how you can be helped. It’s never too late to get help, the first step is making the call. 877-383-2284

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