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Why Is Cocaine So Addictive?

Cocaine is one of the more popular drugs on the market and has been glorified by Hollywood movies like Scarface and Blow. But like in real life, the protagonists in these movies suffer from a swift decline in fate. Cocaine is not your friend. It’s a dangerous drug that is very addicting and has serious consequences. But why is cocaine so addictive?

Why is Cocaine So Addictive?
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Cocaine is a stimulant. When cocaine is ingested, it stimulants the ventral tegmental area (VTA) of the brain, which is connected to the nucleus accumbens, causing the pleasurable effects addicts love and expect.  Large amounts of dopamine are released when a pleasurable event is occurring, which is at the core of cocaine addiction.

Cocaine interferes with your brain’s natural communication process. When your brain releases dopamine, cocaine will block the removal of it, causing an accumulation of the substance. This causes your brain to have continuous stimulation, resulting in the euphoric sensation that cocaine addicts often report. Like alcohol, your body can build a tolerance to cocaine. This causes one to require greater amounts of cocaine with greater frequency to achieve the same good feeling.

When an individual builds a tolerance to any drug, addiction becomes much worse. The increased dosage and frequency of the drug use no longer means the addict is getting the same amount of pleasure as he/she might have the first few times using the drug. No, the increased use of cocaine is now being used to just to feel normal. Your brain is craving the drug just to keep up, not to explode from pleasure.

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Cocaine is not a cheap drug. That’s why crack cocaine exists (a mixture of cocaine and baking soda, which creates a hardened “rock” to smoke. The decreased amount of cocaine used makes it cheaper.) When an individual becomes addicted to cocaine and needs larger amounts more often to feel normal, it’s going to quickly become an expensive problem. So in addiction to the physical problems that occur from cocaine addiction, there will be other dire consequences as well.

Cocaine addicts often will get into financial trouble because of their addiction. They will start to get desperate for money. Stealing is always a method that addicts use to get funds to fuel the addiction, which leads to more problem for addicts and their families.

Cocaine addiction is a very serious addiction that can cause many other problems. It all starts with the brain and how it reacts to cocaine in the system. The increased dopamine levels and inability to properly manage dopamine levels are what cause cocaine to be so addictive. If you or someone you know has a cocaine addiction, please reach out to a trained representative at Prominence Treatment Center. We have a staff who understand addiction and can help you find your next step towards treatment. 877-383-2284

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