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Challenging the Myths Standing in the Way of Addiction Treatment

mag-pole-105542When you’re struggling with addiction, one of the hardest things to do is break out of that downward spiral and seek treatment. You want to be better, but you’re not sure how to go about getting there. Not only that, there’s a lot of misinformation out there that convinces people that they’re better off doing it alone or that they don’t really need to seek treatment–when, in fact, it’s what they need most. If you’ve allowed yourself to believe these common myths, it’s time to shake off the addiction recovery fear and seek the treatment you need.

Myth #1: You Have to Hit Rock Bottom First

Many people believe that in order to set foot in a treatment facility, you have to have already hit rock bottom: that point where you’ve completely destroyed your life and are willing to do anything to get it back to normal. The reality, however, is that you don’t have to hit rock bottom in order to seek out treatment. You just need to know that you have a problem with addiction and that you need help. The trained counselors, therapists, and other staff members at your treatment facility will walk with you through the process and ensure that you get the help you need no matter where you are in your addiction journey.

Myth #2: Rehab is the Cure to Addiction

Once you set foot through the doors of a rehab facility, do your time, and commit to making changes, you’re cured, right? Unfortunately, for most addictions, it’s not that simple–and one slip can cause you to backslide quickly once you return to the real world. While addiction can be treated and managed, it’s important that you work through the underlying issues causing the addiction and commit to continuing treatment once you leave the facility.

Myth #3: You Have to Want to Be There

You know that you have a problem, but you aren’t sure that you actually want to do anything about it. Maybe well-meaning friends or family members are encouraging you to check into a treatment facility, but you’re struggling to decide whether or not you even want to be there. Fortunately, the trained staff at your center knows all about people who are struggling with their addictions and their decisions, and they will work with you to ensure that you’re able to break down those walls and start to reclaim your life in spite of your difficulty getting started.

Myth #4: Addiction is a Choice

You know you’re addicted, but you can stop any time, right? Unfortunately, overcoming addiction isn’t always as simple as exercising enough willpower to get past a few cravings. There are many factors–both physical and psychological–that can contribute to addiction. Working through recovery at a qualified treatment facility is one of the most effective ways to ensure that you’ve really kicked drug or alcohol addiction in the teeth, rather than continuing to struggle through it on your own.

Myth #5: Addiction is a Lifelong Struggle

Once you fall down the path to addiction, it’s going to be something you have to deal with for the rest of your life. Why bother? The truth, however, is more complicated. While many people may struggle for years to release the hold of addiction and get clean, others will find that following treatment, they’re able to resume a normal, successful life. Working with a treatment facility is one of the most effective ways to ensure that you’ll be able to meet those goals and embrace your recovery fully.

If you’re struggling with addiction, it’s time to make a change. At Prominence Treatment, we’ll give you the tools to rise above addiction and work through your problems so that you can live the life you thought you had lost. Contact us today to learn more about our treatment programs and how they can transform your life for the better.

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