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Can Visiting a Therapist Really Help You Get Over Your Past Demons

PT328171Mental health is a much more serious problem than many probably think. The National Alliance on Mental Illness notes that about 43.8 million American adults suffer from mental illness every year. That’s about 18.5 percent of the American adult population. Surprisingly though, less than just about 40 percent of all mental health patients went to a medical facility for treatment. Statistics show that many patients preferred to treat themselves on their own, or deal with their condition without medical help.

Of course, getting treatment from a professional medical practitioner is logically the right thing to do. There has been growing concern, however, on whether visiting a therapist really helps to get patients over their past demons. Apparently they do. Experts say when you talk out your feelings, it is soothing to the brain. Speaking to a therapist helps you see your problem from another dimension. The therapists general utilize problem solving techniques that will adequately help you deal with your mental disorder.

Experts note that when you speak to a therapist, it helps you evaluate your symptoms and helps to get proper solutions to the problem that may be fueling your mental health issue. Marian Margulies, psychologist in New York City an candidate in psychoanalysis at the Institute for Psychoanalytic Education at the NYU Medical Center, puts it better; “If you’re not getting to the cause of the pain, you’re essentially chained to the past. Psychotherapy gets to the root.”

Therapists will enable you see the root cause of the problem. And once you can do this, it eases your ability to heal, and gain control of the situation. They are well trained to make you see your problem from a perspective you wouldn’t have otherwise identified; a perspective that gives you insight you need to under look the problem and move on with your life. Of course this lets you get over your past demons.

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