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Can Medical Marijuana Combat Substance Abuse and Mental Disorder?

PT315172Marijuana is mostly used for recreational purposes. However, it is increasingly being used for medical purposes as well. There have been a good number of studies that prove the effectiveness of medical marijuana in dealing with pain, inflammation, Alzheimer’s disease and other psychological disorders like PTSD, anxiety and depression.

Hardly have there been studies though, that show categorically the role medical marijuana can play in combating substance abuse and mental disorder.

The simple fact that there is an increase in the authorized use of marijuana in the U.S. means that many individuals can now take it even as they embark on other forms of treatment, such as substance abuse counseling and psychotherapy. But what is the relationship between authorized marijuana use and substance abuse treatment? Can medical marijuana really help in treating substance abuse?

The results of a recent study showed that medical marijuana does not seem to compromise substance abuse treatment. The study involved collecting data from the California Outcomes Measurement System (CalOMS). These statistics were compared for medical (authorized) marijuana users and non-marijuana users admitted to a public substance abuse treatment program in California.

The behavioral and social treatment outcomes were noted at the point the patients were discharged and the information was handed to the California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs.

These results were analyzed, and the major conclusion is that cannabis use does not seem to compromise substance abuse treatment amongst who take marijuana for medical purposes. The study rather seems to suggest that medical marijuana may not adversely affect positive treatment outcomes. The study base may have been small, but the study already gives a clue as to whether medical marijuana can really help in treating substance abuse.

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