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Bath Salts Could Be More Addictive Than Meth

MDPV otherwise known as bath salts, have been found to be more addictive than methamphetamines. Meth has largely been considered to be one of the more addictive drugs to date. But a team of scientists at the Scripps Research Institute have discovered that the drug’s powerful stimulants could in fact, be more addictive than meth

Scripps Research Institute Associate Professor Michael A. Taffe was the principal investigator of the study and noted that “We observed that rats will press a lever more often to get a single infusion of MPDV than they will for meth, across a fairly wide dose range.”

Bath salts the drug are very addictive
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Bath salts are derived from cathinone, which is illegal in the US. The main ingredient is khat, which is a stimulant found in Northeast Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. Cathinone derivatives interfere with the removal of the neurotransmitters dopamine, noradrenaline and serotonin from synapses. This disturbs the activity of brain that mediates desire, pleasure, muscle movements and cognition.

Individuals who have used bath salts have described effects like euphoria, increased physical activity, inability to sleep and a lack of desire for food or water. But more dangerously, bath salts also offer an irresistible craving for more of the drug. Increased doses can cause a strong risk of paranoid psychosis, violence and suicide. This interview on KCAL 9 can give you an inside look into the mind of someone addicted to bath salts. It’s not a pretty picture.

Bath salts can lead to violent, psychotic breakdowns
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Another risk with bath salts is that they are synthetically produced. Which means that the risk varies from batch to batch. Users never know what it is they’re ingesting. This all adds up to a terribly dangerous scenario for someone addicted to bath salts.

Much like our meth addiction program, Prominence Treatment Center’s team of seasoned professionals can manage treatment for addiction to stimulants like bath salts. This study makes it clear that bath salts are a real danger that’s not going away.

If you know someone using bath salts, please take notice. Just like with meth addiction, an individual’s life can deteriorate very quickly. Call one of Prominence Treatment Center’s reps today to discuss the addiction and the best plan of action moving forward. 877-383-2284

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