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Are Your Friends Toxic to Your Rehabilitation?

PT54171Friends are priceless and precious, especially if you are lucky enough to have good friends. Not all friends are good though; some will do everything to bring you down, either knowingly or unknowingly.

Some of these bad friends could initiate you into a substance to which you eventually become addicted to. You may try to quit the addiction, but your friends become toxic to your rehabilitation. That will be a big problem because friends are known to have quite an influence on us; and if your friends succeed to be a stumbling block to your recovery process, you may never succeed in your attempts to quit.

So are your friends toxic to your rehabilitation? If they are, how do you know? There is a major warning sign you should take note of; attempts to always have you within reach of whatever it is you are addicted to. Imagine that you are trying to quit smoking and your friends continue to smoke around you. It’ll be difficult to stop them.

Imagine also that you are trying to deal with overweight but the people around you all eat junk food. That’s a temptation you may find really hard to resist. So what must you do to overcome this challenge? You’re probably thinking of a simple answer, such as avoiding your friends. Unfortunately, that isn’t always an option.

You’ve got to be strong; never let your friends bring you down with negativity. Do not let them bully you and know who to deal with at what time. Embrace change whenever it occurs; positive change is indication that success is being made in your drive to deal with friends who are toxic to your recovery.

Cut off ties with people who can cause you to go back to your addiction. Avoid them as much as you can and see yourself overcoming temptations naturally.

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