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Alcohol Use Disorder May Be a Serious Hormone Problem

Important components of the body’s functioning like feeling hungry or being emotional are controlled by hormones. They play a vital role in determining our mood and general state of being. Now, researchers say there is something else that might be greatly triggered by hormones; the development of Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD).

Before drawing this conclusion, the researchers studied the effects of a hormone; aldosterone in humans undergoing AUD treatment, as well as on animals. The results of three different observations show a likely relationship between the hormone, the rain and the disorder.

The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism notes that AUD encompasses mild to severe alcohol dependence, but is always underlooked by being considered simply as alcoholism.  AUD patients get to drink excessively because they have difficulties regulating intake. They might also abuse alcohol to repress negative emotions.

Summarizing this finding, the National Institutes of Health explains that aldosterone connects with body and brain receptors also known as MRs. This combination could result in feelings of anxiety and problems with decision-making, as well as controlling emotions and behaviors.

Given that decision-making difficulty and loss of control are key features of AUD, researchers sought to find out a possible relationship between them. Their finding is quite interesting; humans undergoing AUD treatment and still drinking had more aldosterone in their blood than those who were not drinking.

It may not be too accurate drawing conclusions yet because of the three small studies that were carried out for this report, only one involved humans. While recommendations to conduct more human studies must be taken seriously, the current report is an important step in leading to the development of possible treatment regimens for AUD in due time.

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