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Alcohol Abuse Vs. Alcoholism

Did you know there is a distinction between alcohol abuse vs. alcoholism? Not many people do. The difference is that alcohol abusers have the ability to set limits to their alcohol consumption. An alcohol abuser’s drinking is still dangerous and self-destructive. But alcoholics have lost the ability to stop or even control their drinking.

Alcohol Abuse vs. Alcoholism
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Not every alcohol abuser transitions into an alcoholic. But they are definitely at a higher risk to become an alcoholic. The path to alcoholism can vary. For some, it’s a gradual process of increasing tolerance and feeling comfortable drinking in more situations. Others can become alcoholics nearly overnight. A stressful or traumatic event can also trigger alcoholic behavior.

To better understand alcohol abuse and alcoholism, let’s examine the common signs and symptoms of each condition.

Do You Abuse Alcohol?

Ask yourself these five questions and evaluate whether any of them ring true to you.

  • Are you repeatedly neglecting your home, work or school responsibilities?
  • Have you used alcohol in situations where it could pose physical danger?
  • Has your drinking gotten you into legal trouble?
  • Are you experiencing difficulties in a relationship(s) with family and friends due to alcohol?
  • Do you use drinking alcohol as a way to unwind and reduce stress?

Now ask yourself this set of questions related to alcoholism:

Stress Can Cause Drinking
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Signs and Symptoms You Might be an Alcoholic

  • Have you lost control of your drinking?
  • Do you have the desire to stop drinking, but are not able to?
  • Have you given up other activities because you’d rather drink alcohol?
  • Does most of your focus and energy go into drinking and recovering from drinking?
  • Are you experiencing problems from drinking but continuing to drink anyway?

After asking yourself both sets of questions, do you think you are either an alcohol abuser or an alcoholic? If you believe that you do have a problem with alcohol, do not fret. There is time to help your correct your behavior.

Contact us at Prominence Treatment Center and speak to one of our reps. They can talk to you at length about your habits and help you determine if alcohol rehab is your best option.

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