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5 Things You Can Do To Be A Better Person

PT40517Everybody wants to be a better person, but hardly do they know what it takes to achieve that. Sometimes, we reflect on our lives and then become inspired to change. The tendency though is that our efforts to change usually stay strong for just a few weeks after a moment of inspiration. Thereafter, we sort of relapse and before long, get back to our old ways, quite often without even realizing it.

The reality is that many people really want to be better people. Their spirit is willing to change, but their flesh is weak. For those who really want to be a better person in life, let’s look at five things that can be of help.

1. Keep a journal

This may sound not so effective, but keeping a journal has been proven to be a great way to change for the better. Get a journal and, every day, note down at least three positive things you would like to accomplish. You will find yourself making an effort to accomplish them, and inherently start changing to a better person.

2. Take control of your life

Another great way to become a better person is to have a grasp of your life. Forget about situations that try to bring you down and focus on actions you can take to forge ahead in life. Remember that only you can decide whom you want to be with and what situation gets to take the better part of you. Focus on moving ahead positively, and things will take shape in your life naturally.

3. Be kind–it makes you feel better

Spread out some love. Give out your time and resources to make other people feel good. Forgive those who hurt you and ask for forgiveness when you realize that you hurt someone. Listen to people as they express their problems to you, and volunteer for a good cause when you can. All these actions help to make you feel good about yourself; and that is one great way you can change to a better person.

4. Be honest about the reality of life

Just like being kind, being honest makes you feel good about yourself and the situations that befall you. Be honest about the reality of life. If you do, you will notice that everyone is busy focusing on their own life and can barely have time to pay all their attention on you. This helps make not feel abandoned when no one seems to pay attention to your even when you really need them to. Once you understand this principle of life, you will understand certain important aspects that will help to make you change for the better.

5. Take very good care of yourself

This is another way of being the better person you have always wanted to be. Live healthy; eat well, exercise, connect well with others, learn more; spend time reading, writing and even teaching. When you do all these things, you get to feel better about yourself and eventually get to be a better person.

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