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5 Things People Need to Know About Addiction

PT28172Addiction is common in the United States and around the world. Perhaps so common that people know quite a lot about. But because it is so common, people get to know and believe things that are usually not entirely true about addiction. While there is no doubt a lot of information that people already know about the condition, there are still a few things people do not quite master about addiction. Let’s look at some of these facts;

1. Addiction is a disease

Many people believe that addiction is just a condition. They think that addicts just get entangled in their trigger and then never get treated of their addiction. Well, addiction is a condition no doubt; but it is a lot more than that. It is a disease like any other with specific treatment regimens. Just like a person will go to the hospital to consult when they are sick, so does an addict get treatment when he/she seeks medical attention.

2. Addicts generally suffer from mental health problems

Not known to many people is the fact that addiction usually goes with mental health problems. Generally, addicts show signs of mental disorder which the community sees as normal. Actually, research has shown that these signs and symptoms of mental disorder are more serious than what is perceived by the community. Mental disorder is so serious in addicts that in some extreme cases, they consider suicide. This is one very important fact people need to know about addiction.

3. Addiction can be triggered after taking a substance for the very first time

The notion people have of addiction is that it develops gradually; the addict starts by “trying” the substance, becomes a regular consumer, and then gets dependent on it. While this is generally the case with most people who get addicted, research has proven that some people can get addicted right after their very first try of a substance. This is one very important truth about addiction that many do not know about, and which is of prime importance.

4. Addiction does not necessarily make a person bad

Addicts are generally seen as delinquents; people with poor character traits. This is understandable given that addicts deal with drugs, alcohol and other substances that are perceived as bad in the society. The truth though, is that there are people who have been drowned in addiction, but portray excellent character traits in most aspects of their life. The fact that they are addicts naturally plays down on their image but keep their addiction aside, and you will notice they are great people character wise.

5. Addiction can be to anything

Most people get addicted to substances like drugs and alcohol, or activities like shopping, sex and watching TV. These are actually the common forms of addiction known to the world. What people probably don’t know is that a person can get addicted to almost anything in the world. Any object, substance or activity that has the potential to make an individual rely on, can potentially become something people get addicted to. This is one piece of information that is certainly important, but not widely known.

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