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5 Signs You’re an Alcoholic

PT413171People think differently about alcohol. While some people condemn it and will not want to ever have a taste of it, others gladly go for a glass or two occasionally and even confess that the liquid keeps them healthy. Indeed, when taken in the right quantity, alcohol helps keep the human body in good health.

Unfortunately, many people who consume alcohol take more than the required quantity and end up facing serious problems. At this stage, such people are alcoholics and get to suffer the consequences of intoxicating themselves with so much alcohol.

No one ever wants to be an alcoholic, but no alcoholic also decides to become one. They always start as normal consumers, and then they move to heavy drinkers, and end up as alcoholics. Here are five signs to show you’ve become an alcoholic.

1. You take alcohol at moments you know you shouldn’t

Some people cannot resist alcohol in even in moments they are pretty sure it will be damaging to their health; in times of sickness, when driving, etc. When your love for alcohol reaches such a level, you’re probably already deep into alcoholism; you’re an alcoholic.

2. Your drinking regularly gets you in trouble

Alcohol abuse can push consumers to negative acts like robbery, vandalism and other activities that will attract law enforcement intervention. If you constantly fall into trouble with the police for example as a result of your alcohol, then you have a problem; you’re an alcoholic.

3. You attract concern from friends and family

Have you ever been in a situation where everyone around you gets concerned about your drinking? If that is the case, then you’re probably taking a little more than you should. Friends and family complain because they love you and want the best for you. They complain because they fear your alcoholism will destroy your life. That is a clear sign you’re an alcoholic.

4. You try quitting several times but you always fail

Trying to quit is a clear sign that you’re an alcoholic. You’ve realized the problem and so you make several efforts to solve it.

5. You are ashamed of your drinking

Alcoholics are always on the lookout not to have their friends and relatives see them drinking. They fear they will have people talk to them about alcoholism and that does not make them comfortable. That’s a clear sign of being an alcoholic.

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