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5 Reasons You Should Overcome Your Addiction

PT124172Have you ever tried to overcome your addiction? How easy was that? Psychologists have proven that it is difficult for a person to accept the fact that he or she has an addiction, let alone attempting to overcome it on their own.

Some people struggling with addiction may not quite see a reason why they should overcome it. To them, it’s best to stay addicted because they derive pleasure from whatever it is they are addicted to. Well… so they think.

If you are one of those who gets to wonder why on earth people should overcome their addiction, let’s look at five reasons why.

1. Your satisfaction is always short-lived

When you are addicted, life tends to be difficult the moment you cannot have the substance you are addicted to. That’s usually just a short while after you’ve taken a dose of your substance. As the effects of the substance die down just a couple of hours later, you start craving for more, and your entire system starts crumbling if the substance is not readily available. You should overcome your addiction therefore in order not to spend all your resources on a substance that gives you a very short feeling of satisfaction yet goes a long way to damage your health.

2. You lose family and friends

When you become an addict, one natural tendency is that you start staying away from family and friends. Many of them will want the best for you and will try to help you out of your addiction. However, you will likely not want this to happen and you may go as far as shunning them. Before long, you will realize that you have no family and friends; and this could be very disheartening. You should make an effort to overcome your addiction therefore, so that you don’t live in isolation.

3. Your career becomes at stake

When you are addicted, it is almost impossible to be productive at your job site. This is because you will always concentrate on getting your substance and pay less attention to your tasks. Thousands of people living with addictions probably lose their jobs because of them. You don’t want to be the next victim, so you should make an effort to overcome your addiction.

4. Your health is at stake in the long-term

Every addict has some difficulty dealing with whatever substance they are addicted to. Quitting is not impossible but most addicts do not attain it very easily. Addiction is known to have side effects that generally last long. If you were looking for one more reason to overcome your addiction, you have it here; it hinders you general health and well being.

5. Addiction cripples you financially

When you are addicted to something, you can’t do without it. You are obliged to always have the substance handy without which you will find it difficult to function. This forces you to always buy the substance. The consequences of addiction could also be very costly. Simply put, addiction is expensive. If you have the opportunity to overcome therefore, exploit it as much as you can.

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