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5 Reasons People Turn to Drugs

PT427171Drug abuse is quite a big deal these days in the United States. Increasingly, America is witnessing cases of addiction and this has a great toll on the economy of the country. Drug abuse is a dangerous phenomenon. It leads to delinquency, and could get the addict into trouble with law enforcement officials.

But why do people get so glued to drugs? Who could possibly be so big a problem that people see no other place to turn to for refuge but drugs? Let’s find out.


These days, the world is increasingly stressful. People have to go to work, maintain their family, support their bills and take care of their personal needs. All of these could be really stressful. Some people cannot handle the stress and so turn to drugs for a solution.

Health conditions and prescription drugs

Some health conditions are so embarrassing; sometimes devastating that patients decide to engage in drugs. Common cases are mental disorder and terminal illness patients. While some of such patients engage in drugs to ease their pain, others do it because they are frustrated by their condition and do not care about their lives. In most cases too, these patients take these drugs to relieve their pain. They however become addicted to them and would want to continue even if their condition improves.  

Peer pressure

Peer pressure is perhaps the biggest factor that leads people into drug addiction. Teenagers are especially more vulnerable to peer pressure. They see their friends doing drugs, and they jump into it to match up, without fully knowing the consequences of their actions. Before they know it, they are addicted. Sometimes, adolescents are also influenced by radio, TV and internet advertisements.

Life’s obstacles

Sometimes, the realities of life are not fair to us. Peculiar situations like the loss of a dear one, a breakup, unemployment, etc. could be a pill too bitter for individuals to handle so they seek a safe haven in drugs.


As strange as this may sound, being matured can make people turn to drugs. Wondering how? Well, consider a matured individual whom as a child was not courageous enough to get into drugs. At one point when he/she is matured and has the chance to try it, they discover the feel-good effects it has and decides to stay hooked to it. As bad as it may sound, some people could get into drugs because they (feel) they are matured enough to handle the situation.

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