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5 Myths About Alcohol

During our years of experience, we at Prominence Treatment Center have found that individuals who have problems with alcohol have many excuses for their drinking. They’re able to rationalize their behavior based on myths about alcohol.

Believing these myths cause a great deal of problems for the individuals, as well as their friends and family. Here are the top five misconceptions and myths that we have experienced when talking to clients or potential clients for our alcohol rehab center.

Myth #1 – I Can Stop Drinking Anytime I Want

Myth # 1 - You Can Stop Drinking Anytime
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Most people think they can stop drinking whenever they want. The reality is, you most likely can’t. But this mentality gives you an excuse to keep drinking. You don’t really want to stop, but telling yourself you can stop rationalizes the drinking in your mind. You have a false sense of control.

Myth #2 – My Drinking Only Hurts Me and No One Has the Right to Tell Me to Stop

The physical harm drinking does to your body might only directly effect you, but your drinking has an affect on everyone around you.  Many relationships have been strained because of the behavioral effects drinking has on an individual. Don’t fool yourself into thinking your drinking doesn’t hurt others.

Myth #3 – I Don’t Drink Every Day, So I’m Not an Alcoholic

You don’t have to drink every day to be an alcoholic. Being an alcoholic doesn’t mean you drink all day, every day. It means your drinking is causing problems for you at home and at work. You can drink any type of alcohol and you might only drink a few nights a week, but you could still be an alcoholic.

Myth #4 – I’m Not An Alcoholic Because I Have a Good Career

Myth # 4 - Alcoholics are Unemployed
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All alcoholics aren’t unemployed and living on the streets. In fact, there are many high functioning and very high achieving alcoholics. Their natural intelligence and tolerance for alcohol can hide alcoholism.  But don’t assume success means you’re not an alcoholic.

Myth #5 – Drinking Isn’t a Real Addiction Like Drugs

People make this assumption because alcohol is legal and substances like cocaine and heroin are not. Alcohol is a drug and you most definitely can become addicted. It can change your brain and body. Most importantly, it causes problems in your life. So yes, alcohol is a real addiction.

Don’t let yourself fall for these drinking myths. If you hear yourself saying these phrases aloud, it’s time you seek help. It’s not the easiest thing to hear, but speaking to a professional will help you better understand your drinking behavior.

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