Can Vaping Lead to Addiction?


There have been a series of discussions on vaping and whether it can really lead to addiction. Many people are of the opinion that e-cigarettes would help smokers quit, or will be less deadly, or even less addictive. Others, however think otherwise. They believe that vaping is just another way of getting people initiated into […]

5 Signs You’re an Alcoholic


People think differently about alcohol. While some people condemn it and will not want to ever have a taste of it, others gladly go for a glass or two occasionally and even confess that the liquid keeps them healthy. Indeed, when taken in the right quantity, alcohol helps keep the human body in good health. […]

Study: Happiness is a State of Mind


Happiness is meant to be enjoyed by everyone. No one gets to not be happy unless they decide to. There seems to be a growing number of Americans who, for one reason or the other, get to be unhappy all the days of their lives. Experts warn that America loses billions of dollars every year […]

5 Things You Can Do To Be A Better Person


Everybody wants to be a better person, but hardly do they know what it takes to achieve that. Sometimes, we reflect on our lives and then become inspired to change. The tendency though is that our efforts to change usually stay strong for just a few weeks after a moment of inspiration. Thereafter, we sort […]

Mental Illnesses are Linked to Drug use and Addiction


There is a lot of evidence to prove that mental disorders are directly linked to drug use and addiction. The National Bureau of Economics states that psychiatric patients are three times more likely to use drugs, and a majority of the people who abuse cigarette, alcohol and cocaine are diagnosed with mental disorders. This situation […]

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