Is Addiction a Choice?


Is addiction a choice? This is a question that reverberates through the minds of everyday people. And “yes” is not an uncommon response. Whether conscious or subconscious, many people harbor the belief that those suffering from drug or alcohol addiction made a deliberate choice or series of choices that led them on the path to […]

Our Non-12 Step Philosophy

A core element of the Prominence Treatment patient experience is our commitment to the non-12 step model of care. Our treatment model looks beyond the rigid requirements of the 12 step system and focuses on the unique needs of the individual. We combine science-based treatment modalities with holistic health services to craft a specific recovery […]

Why You Should Talk to Your Kids About Alcohol

Age 7. This is the point in a child’s life where he or she is capable of recognizing the many effects of alcohol use. It is the juncture in which children begin formulating opinions and attitudes toward alcohol that could last a lifetime. For these reasons, it is crucial for you as a parent to […]

Addiction: The Danger of Hitting Rock Bottom

“I hit rock bottom.” These words are often the crux of a former addict’s inspirational story about recovery. The expression refers to an addict finding him or herself in the worst of circumstances in their addiction before embarking on a path to long term sobriety. Stories like these can be very moving and encouraging to […]

What We Can Learn from Toronto Mayor Rob Ford

Those following the news this week were unlikely to overlook an unfortunate development regarding the city of Toronto’s highest ranking official. Mayor Rob Ford admitted on camera that he smoked crack cocaine approximately one year ago during his tenure in office. His confession has sparked shock and outrage among the media and mass public, and […]

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