Medicaid Expansion: Will Block Grants Burden States, and Reduce Healthcare Access?

Medical insurance and Medicaid and stethoscope.

Healthcare in America has gotten a lot of press recently, and most people wonder if the attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act should be getting so much attention. While replacing federal Medicaid funding with block grants is one proposal that may help millions of Americans, many people aren’t sure which would have the best […]

The Good and Bad of Medications Used in Addiction Treatment

One of the aspects of drug addiction treatment that addicts dread most is detox where they must go through withdrawal as they stop using the drug. Some doctors prescribe medications to help with the withdrawal symptoms. Like any other treatment, these medications come with risks as well as benefits. The Good Side of Medications Used […]

Your Gut and Your Good Mood: Is There a Connection?

Have you ever thought about what is inside your belly? Probably not, but what if you knew that taking good care of your gut could also have a BIG impact on your overall health, and your mood? Well, it’s true! You see, there are an estimated 100 trillion+ microscopic bacteria living inside of your GI […]

Art Therapy: An Effective Alternative Addiction Treatment for People in Recovery

Addiction therapies are not just limited to 12-step rehabilitation programs like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), or Narcotics Anonymous (NA). There are many other alternatives to traditional treatment plans for people in recovery. However, if you are already working on a 12-step, or non 12-step rehabilitation treatment program you may also want to try some holistic alternative […]

Mindfulness Meditation: An Addiction Therapy That Actually Works

Mindfulness meditation may sound like something that you need smelly incense for. But there is nothing further from the truth! Mindfulness is an ancient technique used for centuries in the meditation practice of yoga as breathing awareness, or Pranayama. However, today you can find that a mindful meditation can take place anywhere you want it […]

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