ADHD Medication Could Lower Substance Abuse Risk

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is one common problem in the United States. It affects both men and women and has a significant impact on the productivity of the American economy. While efforts continue to be made to deal with the problem, a series of studies show that there could be several benefits attributed to […]

3 Tips for Successful Addiction Therapy

Many addicts in America try to deal with their problem but find it difficult completing their therapy. Sometimes, they fall prey to temptations and relapse. In some other cases, they could be faced with challenging situations in life like a divorce or the loss of their job. These reasons may be valid enough to cause […]

Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Your Addiction

doctor visit

It always feels uncomfortable talking about your addiction with your doctor. If the health practitioner is not friendly enough or someone you trust, you may never want to reveal every vital piece of information about your addiction for fear of being judged. Unfortunately, for your doctor to effectively help you deal with your problem, he […]

How to Discuss Your Addiction with Your Primary Care Doctor


There have always been arguments and counter arguments on the importance of discussing your addiction with your primary care practitioner. While some people find it discomforting to share such vital details, most people agree that it is something you must do to allow your doctor to fully understand the nature of your problem and give […]

Millions of Americans Are Drinking Too Much Alcohol


Alcohol consumption is common and normal in the United States like in many other parts of the world. Some people drink to their fill in parties and other social gatherings while others will stop by for a few bottles every time they have the opportunity. While many of these people think they drink to their […]

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