High-Risk Situations: How to Cope When Recovery Gets Tough

Recovery happens. It takes a lot of smaller life changes to change the big picture of your life. Recovery must be practiced every moment of the day and that is why it can be tough some days. A first step in making those small life changes is recognizing your high-risk situations and doing your best […]

Older Adults Face Substance Abuse In Silence

When the issue of opioid abuse is mentioned the thought of the stereotypical addict is brought to mind. However, there is a hidden population that is in need of being discussed. Senior citizens contribute a large percentage to prescribed narcotic pain relievers. Unfortunately, abuse of the opioids among this population is also prevalent. However, it […]

Mental Health Care Needs More Available Providers

The opioid epidemic is booming. Congruently the need for drug treatment is also on the rise. However, according to a new study performed on Affordable Care Act plans by the University of Pennsylvania, the amount of available mental health practitioners within the networks is insufficient. There is a significant narrow network for substance abuse and […]

Supporting a Newly Sober Loved One

When a loved one returns home from rehab, they will be returning to a world that is entirely new to them. Their time spent in a rehab facility was very structured and predictable. Upon their return home they will again be responsible for their own selves. Keep in mind that most relapses occur within the […]

Health System Fails Opioid Overdose Patients, New Study Suggests

opioid overdose

New research suggests that there is a need for medical professionals to intervene and initiate the rehabilitation of opioid drug overdose patients. In a study of Pennsylvania Medicaid recipients, the results revealed that there was a non-significant reduction in patients who returned to opioid use after a nonfatal overdose episode. This highlights the lack or […]

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