Khalil Rafati Was An Ex-Drug Addict — Now He’s a Successful Millionaire


Sometimes, you wouldn’t be who you were meant to be if you do not go through difficult situations. This certainly was the case with Khalil Rafati who relapsed nine times before finally succeeding to quit drugs. Khalil sold drugs along the streets and eventually became an addict himself. One day, he created a superfood smoothie, […]

5 Healthy Ways to Combat Stress


There are several situations that can really stress us out — a broken marriage, getting married, unemployment, a difficult boss, tension with colleagues, and a lot more. Quite often, we find ourselves in these stressful situations and find it extremely difficult to deal with the situation. Let’s look at 5 things we can do to […]

Experts Warn Addiction Stigma Can Be Fatal

It is no news that addiction is one big problem Americans struggle with today. What we may not know is that it affects many more people than it seems. And now, experts are warning that very few people actually get the help they need to deal with their addiction. According to the National Institute on […]

Massive Amounts of Children Poisoned by Opioids Yearly

Drug abuse is one of the biggest problems American youths grapple with today. Opioids are consumed at a particularly alarming rate. Statistics show that as many as 38 percent of Americans take opioids, and a chunk of them die due to abuse. According to the journal Pediatrics, up to 12,000 children and teenagers get poisoned […]

Do You Know If Your Teenager Has a Drug Addiction?


Drug addiction is a common problem in the United States. It is particularly common among the youth, even though adults heavily abuse drugs too. Addiction has become so serious that it is difficult to raise a teenager in America without watching closely for drug abuse. But even with all the efforts parents make to survey […]

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