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Our Mission

We offer daily individual sessions in a packed therapeutic program with a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) emphasis. Your individualized treatment plans are tailored and personalized to meet your needs and to bring you to sobriety.

Our home

Our luxurious Non 12-Step rehab program is the perfect atmosphere for inspiring change. Nestled in Malibu Valley and Calabasas our exquisite substance abuse facilities are safe and comfortable with perfect weather year round.

Our Success

I went through a long period of my life scared, confused, there was no light at the end of the tunnel. Then I found Prominence. All of the staff are truly the most heartfelt people I have ever met.  I feel so much gratitude for everyone helping me to become a butterfly who has the […]

- Marie H.

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The opioid epidemic is booming. Congruently the need for drug treatment is also on the rise. However, according to a new study performed on Affordable Care Act plans by the University of Pennsylvania, the amount of available mental health practitioners within the networks is insufficient. There is a significant narrow network for substance abuse and […]

When a loved one returns home from rehab, they will be returning to a world that is entirely new to them. Their time spent in a rehab facility was very structured and predictable. Upon their return home they will again be responsible for their own selves. Keep in mind that most relapses occur within the […]

New research suggests that there is a need for medical professionals to intervene and initiate the rehabilitation of opioid drug overdose patients. In a study of Pennsylvania Medicaid recipients, the results revealed that there was a non-significant reduction in patients who returned to opioid use after a nonfatal overdose episode. This highlights the lack or […]

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