Max B.

“Prominence is truly an amazing place full of compassion, understanding and love! I feel so blessed that I was able to get the help I desperately needed in such a wonderful environment. The staff here really walks their walk and cares about their patients on an individual basis. From the maids and nurses to the therapists and program director, I couldn’t have asked for more love and understanding. There truly is a “method to the madness” here and I am forever grateful to have had such an amazing experience. Thank you to everyone who made this so special for me. I’ll never forget you. God bless this place and its people.”

- Max B.

Prominence exceeded my expectations!

“My visit to Prominence exceeded my expectations! The staff was enthusiastic, educated, and kind, I feel they were always ready to do whatever it took to make my stay complete. The education material was presented in an easy to understand format. The tools that I learned will have lifetime benefits in dealing with my addiction.”

- John B.

Thank you, Prominence!

“My life had fallen to pieces. I lost my family, girlfriend, house and job. Prominence not only helped me gain power over my addiction, but I also grew as a human. I am a better person now than I was before I even had this addiction. Thank you, Prominence!”

- Anonymous


“Although it may sound cliché, Prominence truly changed my life. Not only are the Manor and Residential houses absolutely gorgeous, but they are extremely comfortable and homey. I learned SO much while I was here, from the groups, to the one-on-one therapy, to even sitting in the kitchen talking to the chefs.

It also made me feel much more comfortable that most of the people that work at Prominence, are actually recovering alcoholics/addicts as well. It was very easy to be open and honest with everyone and not feel as if you are being judged.

The counselors, group facilitators, the technicians, and even the housekeeper are all amazing, They are ALWAYS there for you to talk to and all helped me though many of my issues. I flew across the ENTIRE country to come to Prominence, because it really is THAT great.

The non 12-step program makes sobriety much easier to comprehend and accept. I am so ridiculously happy that I came to Prominence, and although I am excited to start my new journey in life, I am so sad to leave this place that has become my home, and to leave these people that truly became my family. Thank you so much everyone at Prominence for EVERYTHING! I LOVE YOU!

- Kristie M.

I would highly recommend this program

“I had the pleasure of spending a month at Prominence. I’m a psychotherapist who has been severely addicted to alcohol for four years. I’ve been to two other inpatient rehabs and was very skeptical in attempting a third. I was very impressed with all aspects of Prominence.

The program’s focus is on identifying strengths, psychoeducation, and promoting positive habits and thinking. The staff is thoughtful but challenging, qualified, respectful and caring. I appreciated being treated as an intelligent adult who has the ability to change my own destructive behaviors.

I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is serious about recovery.”

- SB

Annie Z

“Prominence Treatment Center provides a safe, friendly and comfortable environment within which I began my recovery.  It is through the compassion and courage of the staff and the unique, personalized therapeutic approach that I have *finally *gained the confidence to progress from initial recovery to a successful program of maintaining an authentic sober life-style.

Yes, Prominence offers a genuine advancement in addiction treatment with a core assessment that has enabled and equipped me to repossess my sobriety.  But, most significantly, it is here that I have developed a true and honest self-esteem that I have singularly never before acquired.  It is here that I have relocated my life.

The work at Prominence goes past managing my addiction: this is what has made the difference and this is what will continue to carry me forward.  And though they constantly remind me that it is I who have done this work, I gratefully thank Arielle, Evelyn, Matthew and Lisa for theirs.”

- Annie Z

Gary M wrote on October 30, 2011

“This morning I woke up with a tremendous amount of energy and looking forward to working. This has been going on for about five months. It has been so long prior to that time that I can remember awakening was such a
zest and love of life that I can’t remember when I felt that way.

I have lost 25 pounds and look 10 years younger.How did this magically occur? After many years of excessive drinking I checked into prominence treatment center. I was extremely skeptical because I had been drinking excessively for over 30 years.

It was a wonderful experience. The staff was fabulous, the therapists gave me mind blowing analysis of my drinking habits, why I drank and how I could stop and did so in a kind loving way without making me feel like being a failure for 30 years of excessive drinking.

Will it work? I believe so and it has been almost 6 months since I stopped drinking and the advice, education and help given to me reverberates in my mind on a daily basis.

If you are sick and tired of drinking and/or drugging yourself on the way to an unpleasant death prominence is the place to go.

Is it expensive? Yes-it certainly is. . But cheap compared to a funeral and the aftermath of the premature and horrible death! I rest my case!”

- Gary M

Daniel F. wrote on November 20, 2011

“It sounds odd to recommend an in-patient addiction rehabilitation center to others, it’s not something one ever really wants to do, but I would sincerely urge anyone struggling with a substance abuse problem to please consider the Prominence Treatment Center. The facility and staff are unique and beyond parallel in my experience.”
In my experience of over 20+ inpatient stays at detox and rehabs, I have found nothing has come close to the education and tools I learned there. I would even recommend the Prominence Treatment Center to someone with or without an alcohol, drug, emotional, psychological disorder to this this facility, just because the experience is so fundamental in the development of personal understanding , but I would want those who need to get help get the first bed.

“There are a multitude of factors that make this facility so special, but the first one that comes to mind is the staff. The staff consists if of the finest quality experts and executives of anyone in their field I have seen. Everyone treats you the same regardless of their role or responsibility”. Roles do not matter, the main focus is just getting the client in better shape from the moment they walk in the door.

I can’t say enough about the staff they are all so caring — I can’t pick favorites; I can only list the ones who truly impacted me and compelled me to write this letter of the utmost appreciation. Gabe (the go-to person for admissions and almost everything else), Arielle (my own primary personal and outstanding counselor), Matt (who leads the most thought provocative and insightful groups on addiction counseling), Dr. Evelyn Kagan (who will truly find out how and why you want to get better).

The staff also consist of consist of an expert Psychiatric and Medical team consisting of Dr. Sager and Dr. Podell are excellent and through. They treat each patient individual and are always available for consultation.
While at the Prominence Treatment Center I was always offered the unexpected but phenomenal amenities provided by the executive chef Kyle, the trainer Rufus, and the relaxing massages of Andrea.

The on-sight staff at the house consisting of Cadie, Shari, Meagan, Johnny, John, and several others were available for every need that came up.

There were of fond memories of my experience at Prominence, but among the best was the exclusivity of receiving such high quality care in such a small environment. At a place that has six or less clients at a time you are guaranteed to receive the individualized attention to make a very large difference.

I plan on keeping in touch with the staff, because they really do care.

- Daniel F

Eric J wrote on November 18, 2011

Prominence was my 3rd trip to Rehab but my first non-12 step program. My main goal was to leave with a different mind set to resolve my problems so the therapy was what I was primarily there for. There were a lot excellent things about the Prominence program. The therapists were excellent and the staff seemed to have an ability to match the right therapist with each client. You receive great one on one therapy as well as group and alternative therapies.

Surprising to me, the music therapy was one that I found provided insight into myself(while also being a fun activity at night). The rest of the program I found excellent as well and helped to keep you focused and prepared for the hard work of the program. The accommodations were great with beautiful surroundings, excellent food prepared by your own chef, weekly massage and pool, hot tub, exercise room and sauna.
All contributed to helping me through the process of treatment and feel good about yourself. Although there are a lot of good things, the first thing that comes to mind about Prominence for me is the people. From the house manager, Johnny, to the tech’s, the chefs and therapists and doctors, they have put together a staff of caring, compassionate people who make you feel comfortable and cared for from the moment you arrive till you leave.

All the other things would not mean as much without the excellent staff they have put together at Prominence. Going to treatment is never easy and often a difficult decision to make. The staff at Prominence makes you happy you did. I highly recommend the program. Eric J

Oh did I mention the food! Excellent gourmet, healthy cuisine from a personal chef, you can even make requests. Don’t get me wrong Rehab is no cakewalk, therapy can be tough, tears can be shed. But if you have to do it. I highly recommend Prominence Center.”

- Eric J

Mark W wrote on March 24, 2010

“I had been to treatment centers my whole life. I started to think I was one of the ones who could not get this. Now I get it! Thank you so much for saving my life.”

- Mark W

Cindy F wrote on February 25, 2011

“California dreaming. Rehab is a lot of hard work, self searching, behavior changes, learning about yourself and how you relate to others. Taking responsibility for your actions and apologizing for Bad Behaviors. For me doing it in a beautiful tranquil setting by the ocean was perfect. Small classes, beautiful house, family atmosphere. Maximum of 6 clients. Private room, okay to have your computer and cell phone. Several different therapists and counselors on staff. Everyone supportive.

You heal mind, body and spirit. You can’t change the past, only live in the present and plan for the future. The massages were just what the Doctor ordered after a week of intensive classes and therapy. I will remain in touch with the people I met at Prominence. I would not have lasted a week in a “traditional” setting. Stark sterile rooms, shared. Everything locked up, including you. No contact with the real world. I would have been drinking in 4 days.

Oh did I mention the food! Excellent gourmet, healthy cuisine from a personal chef, you can even make requests. Don’t get me wrong Rehab is no cakewalk, therapy can be tough, tears can be shed. But if you have to do it. I highly recommend Prominence Center.”

- Cindy F

Jeff P Wrote on February 8, 2011

“I came to Prominence after two failed attempts to stop drinking at very well-known and respected 12-step treatment facilities. At Prominence I finally realized that the key to my recovery was not simply to not pick up another drink for the rest of my life (a daunting thought to me at the time), but to start living. Really living. Through the individual therapy and many things I referred to as voodoo (boy was I wrong), I have found my true self.

Even better still, I have learned to trust and love what I have found. What I have discovered here about myself, along with the tools and insights I have been given by everyone right down to the house chef, has given me an excitement and hunger for life I have never experienced.

I left Hazelden with the daunting task to never drink again; I leave Prominence with the amazing gift to go out and live my best life. I will be forever grateful.”

- Jeff P

Marie H.

“I went through a long period of my life scared, confused, there was no light at the end of the tunnel.

Then I found Prominence.  All of the staff are truly the most heartfelt people I have ever met.  I feel so much gratitude for everyone helping me to become a butterfly who has the wings for a new hopeful life!  Dr. Brandi saved my life.”

– Marie H.