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John Navab

Owner & Founder

John Navab Image

Born in the East and raised in the West, John Navab brings the best of both worlds together. Formally trained as an architect, John’s passion for philanthropy and his drive to help others led him to start pursuing a career in the medical field, focusing on helping those who need it most.

John lost his beloved older brother, whom he thought the world of, to prescription drug abuse and shortly thereafter, lost his nephew to the same affliction.  His brother was a well-respected physician, yet his addiction lead to his tragic demise.

These two tragedies, both dear to his heart, altered the way John would lead his life. He decided to devote all his resources and energy in helping those suffering from addiction. Unable to watch those around him lose their lives to dependency, John chose to become proactive.

Undeterred by tragedy, John transformed his personal losses into hope by providing a safe haven in his rehab centers. He inspired those around him by taking an effective approach towards ending addiction.

As a loving husband and dedicated father of two, John embodies a philosophy of love, which is witnessed by those around him. In addition, his perspective on addiction is not one of judgment or labeling, but rather a humanitarian perspective of compassion.

By bringing together a group of like-minded professionals eager on discovering and treating the underlying causes responsible for addiction, John is on a mission to spread and bring freedom to those afflicted by this disease.

Ultimately, John’s goal is to provide a happy ending to any addiction story and help prevent future tragedies from occurring.

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George Cave, PHD.

Licensed Psychologist

George Cave, PHD. Image

Dr. George Cave received his B.A from California State University, Northridge, and his M.A. and PhD from Fielding Graduate University. He has participated in numerous research studies delineating the importance of the family dynamic, communication, and relationships on individual and family emotional well being.

He has worked with a diverse population in a variety of milieus including inpatient treatment of acute and chronic mental disorders and chemical dependence, residential treatment, day treatment, and private practice.

His treatment philosophy is that relationships are key to a person’s quality of life, emotional well-being and sobriety. He further believes that communication is key to fostering and maintaining healthy relationships and that the family dynamic, that is the way in which the family members interact with each other, plays a crucial role in the emotional well being and sobriety of individuals. When one member of the family makes changes in their role within the family dynamic, the entire family changes.

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Howard Goodman

MA., LMFT Therapist

Howard Goodman Image

Howard received his M.A. in Counseling Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute. His clinical experience includes working a wide variety of populations, including: at-risk youth, at-risk Hispanic families, Orthodox Jewish families/couples/children, Alzheimer’s patients, their loved ones, & families; deaf individuals recovering from drug/alcohol addicts; (I speak American Sign Language); schizophrenics; as well as dual-diagnosis clients.

Howard has extensive experience working with those in recovery from alcohol, drugs, and sexual compulsivity in hospitals, in-patient, out-patient, individual and group settings.  Howard’s approach to recovery, health, & wellness is informed by the belief that all individuals possess the innate ability for healing. He recognizes the multi-dimensional nature of addiction requires multiple treatment modalities and primarily uses CBT, DBT, Mindfulness, Psycho-dynamic, and Psycho-educational approaches.

Howard’s work in the field of treatment includes: SOBA Treatment Center (Clinical Director), Department of Mental Health (Program Director), The Canyon Treatment Center (Primary & Group Therapist), Cliffside Treatment Center (Group Therapist), and Clearview Treatment Center (Group Therapist).

Howard also writes & presents on recovery.  He lectures for the Los Angeles Police Department Diversion program for first-time offenders and has conducted CEU workshops. His publications include Illumination of Myth, Answer to Cain, and articles in The Therapist. Howard is deeply engaged in moving the field of addiction treatment forward, researching & writing about the new paradigm in addiction treatment: Recovery Management and the creation of Recovery Oriented Systems of Care. He is currently at work on a new book: The Staying Sober Handbook; a complete guide to long term sobriety  

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Jo Ellen Fletcher

M.A., CATC-IV – Therapist

Jo Ellen Fletcher Image

Jo graduated from Ashford University, Clinton, Iowa, Summa Cum Laude, with an undergraduate degree in psychology. Jo has a master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and is a graduate of Phillips Graduate Institute in Los Angeles, CA.

Jo’s extensive experience comes from her work in various residential addiction/dual diagnosis treatment centers and government run facilities. She has worked closely with many different types of addictive behaviors, dual diagnosis, and trauma.
In addition, Jo spent two years earning a specialized credential for work with addictive disorders, a CATC-IV. As a registered Certified Addiction

Treatment Counselor, along with her master’s degree in family systems work, Jo uses her training to highlight her work with individuals and families alike.

For the past several years, Jo has continued to compliment her training at The Sensorymotor Institute in Los Angeles, CA, and completes workshops on sensorymotor and trauma training. Her focus is to further understand the dynamics of situational and developmental trauma and how we organize trauma and store trauma in the body. Poor affect regulation, heightened survival defenses, and traumatic memory are dysregulated means of defensive responses often noted in addicted individuals. The treatment goal in sensorymotor work is to identify the dysregulation, stored in the body, and to restore effective integrated actions.

Jo’s theoretical approach is working from an attachment format, realizing that attachments are significant in shaping all of our future relationships, strengthening or damaging our abilities to focus, be conscious of our feelings, and calm ourselves as well as the ability to bounce back from misfortune and trauma.
Looking at the individual, the meanings given to them through their upbringing, and their means of coping with the world, Jo highlights different areas of strength and challenges the non-effective coping strategies, replacing old ideas with the new.

Jo’s extensive education and personal growth has contributed to her own sense of deep empathy and commitment as she listens and honors each human being and assists them in their healing life journey.


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Brandi Stoops, PhD


Brandi Stoops, PhD Image

Dr. Brandi Stoops is a primary clinical psychotherapist at Prominence Treatment Center, providing individual, group, and family therapy to clients. Dr. Stoops has had extensive training and clinical experience in a multitude of clinical settings working with a wide range of issues and diagnoses.

Dr. Brandi Stoops received her undergraduate degree in Psychology from the University of California, Santa Barbara. After obtaining her M.A. in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University, she went on to complete her doctoral studies at Pacifica Graduate Institute. She focused her research on attachment theory, trauma, and addiction.

Dr. Stoops has fifteen years of clinical experience in the field of addiction and has worked in both inpatient and outpatient settings with a wide array of populations, including “at risk” youth, homeless men and women, and the dually diagnosed. She did her doctoral internship at Aurora Vista del Mar Hospital in Ventura, CA. Her work there included a full range of psychological services, including individual and group psychotherapy, therapeutic interventions, diagnostic progress reports, treatment planning, case management, psychological assessment, and clinical case review. Dr. Stoops also worked as a therapist for Project Recovery, an outpatient treatment program in Santa Barbara, and at the Salvation Army ARC in Carpinteria as an inpatient therapist.

Dr. Stoops’s clinical work is most influenced by attachment theory. Attachment theory holds that it is biologically impossible to regulate our own affect continuously, without the interaction of each other. Individuals that have experienced early developmental failures and lack the ability to establish and maintain emotionally regulating attachments are prone to enlist primitive defense mechanisms, such as addiction, to regulate their emotions. It is within these defense mechanisms that her research interests and clinical work resides; addiction as a compulsive behavior to compensate for the profound complications that arise out of insecure attachments. The basis of her clinical work begins with the birth of a secure attachment.

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Katy Frame

L.Ac -- Acupuncturist

Katy Frame Image

Katy Frame L.Ac, earned her Bachelor of Arts in Kinesiology emphasizing in Physical Therapy, in 2001 from St. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas. Board certified by the State of California as a Licensed Acupuncturist, she earned her Masters of Traditional Oriental Medicine and completed her clinical internship at Emperor’s College in Santa Monica, California.

Katy strives to offer those suffering from addiction a lasting recovery.  Her Acupuncture practice is based on the philosophy that healing comes from within.  Treating the physical and emotional distress from addiction, Katy empowers her patients to acknowledge and release the past, become present, rebuild and participate in a new and thriving life.

Benefits of Acupuncture in the treatment of addiction:

  • Ease unbearable detox symptoms
  • Lessen obsessive behaviors and thoughts
  • Alleviate feelings of anger and aggression
  • Balance brain chemisty
  • Release physical and emotional trauma
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Patti Barnes

Massage Therapist

Patti Barnes Image

Patti has been with Prominence Treatment Center as our

Massage Therapist for a little over a year. She has been a

Professional Massage Therapist for over 12 years. Her focus is on therapeutic massage using techniques such as deep tissue, Swedish, hot stone and pregnancy massage. She also works for local chiropractor offices and works with athletes, accident victims, rehabilitation from surgeries and age injuries as well as terminally ill patients. Patti truly enjoys working with our clients watching their growth to better health while providing the best care possible.

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Matt Wilczynski

Music Therapy

Matt Wilczynski  Image

Matt Wilczynski, the Founder and Director of HRA Studios and Foundation, has spent his entire life focusing on music and its many rewards. Growing up in Worcester, MA, he avoided trouble by teaching himself every instrument and diving into the magic and mystery of songwriting. In 2001, he moved to Los Angeles and joined numerous successful bands, later becoming a Music Supervisor for New Line Cinema and MTV.

The next step was to teach others not only how to play, but how to use music and film as a tool for coping with life’s many hurdles through an immersive and innovative yet supportive group dynamic. Matt’s method has produced countless success stories since 2003.

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Chad Williams

Program Director

Chad Williams Image

Chad Williams studied abroad at the University of Melbourne, Australia, and the University of Sterling, Scotland while earning his Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology as a graduate from Albion College, Michigan.  A transplant from the Midwest, Chad moved to California to pursue his career.

Chad’s passion for psychology led him to work as a mental health intern at the Jackson State Prison, the largest walled prison in the nation, performing intake assessments, suicide assessments and facilitating various groups.

Arriving in California, he worked as a behavioral specialist, supervising daily operations for a highly structured Crisis Care residential treatment center, focusing on teaching children cognitive and social strategies.

Chad continued his passion by working for several exclusive Malibu drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities.

Currently, Chad is the Program Director for Prominence, supervising all aspects of the program at the residential, PHP and Sober living facilities located in the Malibu Canyons.

Chad enjoys the great outdoors to the fullest with his chocolate lab who loves hiking, mountain biking and swimming.

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Donnell R Buckley

Program Administrator

Donnell R Buckley Image

Donnell R. Buckley joined the Prominence team in early 2012 in an entry-level position working hands on with our clients.  She grew quickly within our company using her vast business knowledge from being an Operations Manager of a multimillion-dollar company to owning/operating her own business.  Donnell also has several years of personal experience in recovery and is currently a part of the Executive Leadership Team.  She oversees the Performance Improvement committee and several other operations within the company.  Donnell is a valued member of the team and loves being a part of the Prominence family.

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Rebekka Downey

RN – Nurse Manager

Rebekka Downey Image

Rebekka brings with her a multitude of experience and talents and is a valuable addition to the management team. Using her patience and compassion she strives daily to provide quality nursing care to all our clients. She received her RN from College of the Canyons, and graduated with honors in the HITE program.  She began her career as a Home Health case manager, where she evaluated and focused on patient-centered care. During her days as a home health nurse she perfected her natural compassion, empathy, selflessness and human dignity. In addition to her professional life, she is a loving mother of 3, and prides herself in being genuine throughout all the aspects of her personal and professional life.

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Kayla Espinoza

LVN – Nurse Manager Assistant

Kayla Espinoza Image

Starting out as a staff nurse at Prominence, as the company grew, Kayla was a natural choice for our Nurse Manager Assistant where her skills would be best utilized.  With her compassion, understanding, resourcefulness and willingness to be flexible she is an amazing asset to the management team. She is currently managing the IOP (intensive Outpatient Program) at Prominence and strives to help the clients battle their addiction and manage their life appropriately. Kayla began her career as a nurse in 2011 when she graduated from Career Care Institute. She is currently in a bridge program at College of the Canyons to receive her Associate’s Degree in nursing. She holds BLS, Fire Safety & is IV Certified. Outside of her career she spends her time with her 2 children and loves being a mom

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Jill Burke Thomas

Technician Supervisor

Jill Burke Thomas Image

Jill Burke Thomas is a graduate from Antioch University with a Bachelors in Liberal Arts in Psychology. She is currently seeking her Masters at Pepperdine University and is set to graduate in 2016 with a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy.

With warmth and insight, Jill supervises the technicians and watches over the clients. Her combination of knowledge and compassion brings depth and insight to any dilemma. Jill excels most when she is a part of a healing community.

When asked what first drew her to recovery, she said she loved being able to be immersed into a world that heals.  One of her favorite quotes is written by Hippocrates “Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity.” Her time spent working at Prominence has inspired her to pursue therapy as a career.

When Jill is not at work or in school, she enjoys spending time outdoors. Connecting to nature is a very important part of her life.