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John Navab

Owner & Founder

John Navab Image

Born in the East and raised in the West, John Navab brings the best of both worlds together. Formally trained as an architect, John’s passion for philanthropy and his drive to help others led him to start pursuing a career in the medical field, focusing on helping those who need it most.

John lost his beloved older brother, whom he thought the world of, to prescription drug abuse and shortly thereafter, lost his nephew to the same affliction.  His brother was a well-respected physician, yet his addiction lead to his tragic demise.

These two tragedies, both dear to his heart, altered the way John would lead his life. He decided to devote all his resources and energy in helping those suffering from addiction. Unable to watch those around him lose their lives to dependency, John chose to become proactive.

Undeterred by tragedy, John transformed his personal losses into hope by providing a safe haven in his rehab centers. He inspired those around him by taking an effective approach towards ending addiction.

As a loving husband and dedicated father of two, John embodies a philosophy of love, which is witnessed by those around him. In addition, his perspective on addiction is not one of judgment or labeling, but rather a humanitarian perspective of compassion.

By bringing together a group of like-minded professionals eager on discovering and treating the underlying causes responsible for addiction, John is on a mission to spread and bring freedom to those afflicted by this disease.

Ultimately, John’s goal is to provide a happy ending to any addiction story and help prevent future tragedies from occurring.

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Ronald D. Sager M.D.

Consulting Board Certified Addiction Psychiatrist

Ronald D. Sager M.D. Image

Dr. Sager studied at UCLA in General Psychiatry and Child Psychiatry where he did research studies in child development and attachment disorders in infancy. He remains Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at UCLA. He started his private practice in 1967 in General and Child Psychiatry and after five years returned to the LA Psychoanalytic Institute to receive special training in intensive psychotherapy and psychoanalysis.

His practice branched out to inpatient work with adults, children and adolescents. In 1997 he obtained certification in addiction psychiatry with specialization in detoxification and treatment of drug addictions especially with adolescents. In 2007 he was recertified in Addiction Psychiatry. Dr. Sager is also the Service Director for the Adult ICU Unit at Aurora Vista del Mar Hospital.

Board Certified in  Addiction Medicine, Adult Psychiatry, Psychoanalysis Specialties: include Adult Psychoanalysis, Psychopharmacology.

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Glen Abergel M.D.

Consulting Internal Medicine Physician

Glen Abergel M.D. Image

Dr. Abergel studied at Mt. Sinai School of Medicine New York, NY where he completed his Internal Medicine Residency. He then completed a fellowship in Pulmonary Medicine at Mt. Sinai School of Medicine. Following his Pulmonary fellowship, he continued with his studies at Montefiore Medical Center / Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, NY where he completed a fellowship in Critical Care.

He has much experience in addiction and finds this population one in which he is passionate toward and knows how difficult addiction may be to overcome, yet believes it is not insurmountable and finds great satisfaction seeing individuals grow and regain balance in their lives.

Dr. Abergel returned to California, his home state in 2002 and began a private practice in Internal Medicine, Pulmonary and Critical Care at St. John’s Regional Medical Center, Oxnard CA.

He is an active member of the Medical Staff Committee at St. John’s Regional Medical Center.
He is Board Certified in Internal Medicine.

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George Cave, PHD.

Licensed Psychologist

George Cave, PHD. Image

Dr. George Cave received his B.A from California State University, Northridge, and his M.A. and PhD from Fielding Graduate University. He has participated in numerous research studies delineating the importance of the family dynamic, communication, and relationships on individual and family emotional well being.

He has worked with a diverse population in a variety of milieus including inpatient treatment of acute and chronic mental disorders and chemical dependence, residential treatment, day treatment, and private practice.

His treatment philosophy is that relationships are key to a person’s quality of life, emotional well-being and sobriety. He further believes that communication is key to fostering and maintaining healthy relationships and that the family dynamic, that is the way in which the family members interact with each other, plays a crucial role in the emotional well being and sobriety of individuals. When one member of the family makes changes in their role within the family dynamic, the entire family changes.

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Brandi Stoops, PhD


Brandi Stoops, PhD Image

Dr. Brandi Stoops is a primary clinical psychotherapist at Prominence Treatment Center, providing individual, group, and family therapy to clients. Dr. Stoops has had extensive training and clinical experience in a multitude of clinical settings working with a wide range of issues and diagnoses.

Dr. Brandi Stoops received her undergraduate degree in Psychology from the University of California, Santa Barbara. After obtaining her M.A. in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University, she went on to complete her doctoral studies at Pacifica Graduate Institute. She focused her research on attachment theory, trauma, and addiction.

Dr. Stoops has fifteen years of clinical experience in the field of addiction and has worked in both inpatient and outpatient settings with a wide array of populations, including “at risk” youth, homeless men and women, and the dually diagnosed. She did her doctoral internship at Aurora Vista del Mar Hospital in Ventura, CA. Her work there included a full range of psychological services, including individual and group psychotherapy, therapeutic interventions, diagnostic progress reports, treatment planning, case management, psychological assessment, and clinical case review. Dr. Stoops also worked as a therapist for Project Recovery, an outpatient treatment program in Santa Barbara, and at the Salvation Army ARC in Carpinteria as an inpatient therapist.

Dr. Stoops’s clinical work is most influenced by attachment theory. Attachment theory holds that it is biologically impossible to regulate our own affect continuously, without the interaction of each other. Individuals that have experienced early developmental failures and lack the ability to establish and maintain emotionally regulating attachments are prone to enlist primitive defense mechanisms, such as addiction, to regulate their emotions. It is within these defense mechanisms that her research interests and clinical work resides; addiction as a compulsive behavior to compensate for the profound complications that arise out of insecure attachments. The basis of her clinical work begins with the birth of a secure attachment.

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Jean Kallie, PHD.,


Jean Kallie, PHD., Image

Dr. Jean Kallie is a marriage and family therapist with an extensive background in family dynamics and substance abuse related issues. Dr Kallie’s educational background is both remarkable and extensive. After receiving her undergraduate degree from the University of Southern California, she went on to complete a rigorous dual degree program at the California Graduate Institute of Professional Psychology. Following the attainment of both her masters and Ph.D in marriage and family therapy, Dr Kallie began on a professional and life changing journey that has turned her into the kind, sympathetic and effective therapist that she is today.

Dr Kallie has worked at length with individuals of all ages and from all backgrounds. Specifically Dr Kallie has excelled in her experiences dealing with family of origin, substance abuse and other psychological issues. Starting early in her professional career Dr Kallie held a major role at the Vista Del Mar Family Services facility acting as a lead therapist for children suffering from abuse. In addition, she was a major figure at The Maple Counseling Center in Beverly Hills, where she counseled individuals of all ages suffering from personality disorders, psychosis, anxiety and depression. Furthermore, Dr Kallie worked at the world renowned Cedar Sinai Medical Center where she achieved great success acting as the head supervisor of the crisis prevention hotline as well as working directly with and treating teenagers in severe crisis.

Perhaps there is no better way to describe Dr Kallie than to mention her pro-bono work. For over 10 years, Dr Kallie has volunteered her time to individuals who would otherwise not be able to afford a therapist or receive quality care. She believes that this is one of her most important duties as a therapist. This generous attribute along with her caring, compassionate and engaging personality make Dr. Kallie one of a kind.

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Susan Winston


Susan Winston Image

Susan Winston is a psychotherapist who loves her work. She has had rewarding success working with a multitude of therapies and presentations. Susan is a “straight” shooter who combines her empathic attunment to problems with the need for often-quick solutions. As a clinic therapist, where appointments are permitted to be few, Susan cuts through the psychobabble and helps clients face their issues. She is a problem-solver and works with people to help them towards their own solutions.

Winston has also been an award winning television producer, director, and writer for 20 years. In combining both skills, Susan has been working with industry organizations, including The Actors Fund, The Television Academy, the Writer’s Guild and other independent organizations to provide help for those who are no longer employed. Her presentation, “Shift Happens,” has been successfully received as something that gets people out of their psychological glue trap while being entertaining and sympathetic to the needs of her clients.

Susan specializes in counseling high-risk clients facing trauma, homelessness, joblessness, and many who have lost their self-esteem as well as their income. She also works extensively in the area of drug and alcohol rehabilitation, other addictions, OCD, PTSD, adolescent and family therapy.

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Brigitte B. Khani


Brigitte B. Khani  Image

Brigitte B Khani is an associate clinical social worker at Prominence Treatment Center. She is certified in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive Processing Therapy, and Domestic Violence Abuse. Warm, compassionate, and insightful with extensive experience, she’s able to assess the psychosocial needs of a client and formulate a personalized, effective treatment plan that identifies a client’s specific problems, strengths, and weaknesses. She is professionally and personally committed to helping all those facing the challenges of addiction, with a special passion for helping teens and young adults

Brigitte earned her Bachelor of Science degree from California State University Northridge and has a Master of Social Work from the University of Southern California. Brigitte has applied her studies at places like Vistas North Hollywood, New Directions Veteran Hospital and the Personal Growth Institute in Tarzana.

Brigitte is tri-lingual, possessing the ability to speak English, German, and Farsi. She has two beautiful daughters, has volunteered in South Africa, lived in Germany, and participated in the University of Puerto Rico’s social work exchange program.


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Andrea Paskal

Massage Therapist

Andrea Paskal Image

Andrea has been a licensed Massage Therapist for over 15 years. Her range of study varies from basic Swedish & Deep Tissue to Reflexology, Reiki and other forms of energy & detoxifing work.

Andrea”s quest for health has lead her to experience a number of educational settings within the fields of mind, spirit and body work. With her strong intuition and tender touch, her mixed modalities offer a soothing healing quality to the overall restorative work that she provides.

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Laura Rhodes

Neurofeedback Therapist

Laura Rhodes Image

Laura Rhodes is a Certified Neurofeedback Therapist, as well as a Certified Hypnoterapist. She has a B.S. in Psychology specializing in Neuroscience, and she is currently getting her Master’s Degree as an MFT. While Laura continues to have her own private practice, she has a special place in her heart for working with people with addictions.

Laura has appeared on many television shows, radio shows and circuit speaking engagements addressing the topics that she specializes in.

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Andy Tubman, BC - MT

Chief of Music Therapy

Andy Tubman, BC - MT Image

Andy Tubman has been a certified music therapist for over 15 years, developing innovative techniques that help clients achieve their therapeutic goals, and training fellow healthcare professional in his methodologies internationally.

In 2005 Andy founded Integrative Music Therapy Services (IMTS), which provides music therapists for health care facilities and individual clients throughout Southern California. IMTS delivers Music Therapy for numerous organizations including parent associations, state funded Regional Centers that serve people with developmental disabilities, music schools and drug and alcohol rehabilitation clinics. IMTS provides therapists for a variety of client populations for both group and individualized therapy including children and youth with developmental delays while also specializing in drug and alcohol disorders in teens and adults.

In 2010 Andy’s successful work with a young client inspired testimonies from two prominent Los Angeles MD’s (a Neurologist and Pulmonologist) which helped to compel a California court to recognize music therapy as a medical necessary. The decision restored funding to the client that had been cut due to budget reductions and established that Andy’s musical intervention “is a primary or critical means of ameliorating the physical, cognitive, or psychosocial effects the claimant’s cerebral palsy, spats tic quadriparesis, and seizure disorder that hinder his mobility, respiration, vocalization, cognition, and, derivatively, his independence, socialization and emotional well being.”

Andy speaks regularly at conferences on the intersection of music, health and creativity. In October 2011, the presentation Andy gave on Mobile Singing for Health won Most Innovative Presentation at the American Telemedicine Association Fall Forum in Anchorage, Alaska.

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Rufus Dorsey


Rufus Dorsey Image

Rufus is a certified personal trainer with over 15 years of experience in the fitness industry. Rufus is committed to motivating and inspiring people live healthier and active lifestyles. Rufus has been a type II diabetic for over twenty years.

His work ethic has helped him achieve a great physique and healthy lifestyle.

Rufus also volunteers his time and services to the American, Canadian Diabetes Association and Children”s Hospital of Los Angeles.

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Hans Mager


Hans Mager Image

Simply put, Hans has fitness on his mind. Throughout childhood Hans was a tall, thin framed, individual; not quite sure where life was leading him. At the age of 20, standing 6 feet tall and weighing 150 pounds, Hans began lifting weights at the local gym in order to increase muscle mass. He fell in love with weightlifting instantly. Within 3 months he had acquired his first personal training certification and began taking on clients of his own, teaching them everything he had learned.

At the age of 23, still 6 feet tall but now weighing 185 pounds, Hans made the decision to move to Los Angeles in order to further his experience as a personal trainer.

Today, with more than a decade of training experience behind him, Hans is no longer lifting to gain weight, but to maintain a healthy, positive lifestyle and to share his passion for fitness.

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Alexandra Carmel

Acupuncturist and Herbalist

Alexandra Carmel Image

Alexandra Carmel is a licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist. She completed her Masters degree of Traditional Chinese Medicine here in Los Angeles at Yo San University. While working on her Masters, Alexandra started her work in the addiction and recovery industry as a yoga instructor for people in recovery. While closely working with individuals struggling with withdrawal, it occurred to her that acupuncture would be a great complimentary treatment for those in the recovery process. She observed how a clients discomfort interfered with their ability to fully participate in the recovery program. Alexandra believes that by reducing the severity of withdrawal symptoms, the client can get the most out of their time in treatment, which in the long run will give them a better chance at sobriety. That’s why she developed an acupuncture treatment that has proven to reduce the discomfort from withdrawal and other conditions like chronic pain, depression, anxiety and insomnia. Alexandra has a passion for assisting each client in making a smooth, peaceful and long lasting sobriety.

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Carrie Cusack


Carrie Cusack Image

Chef Carrie Cusack comes to Prominence with over 20 years in the culinary industry. Her background is extensive, mastering numerous cuisines and making them her own with a healthful, farm to table approach.

Within the past decade she has been executive chef at some of Los Angeles’ most notable restaurants and catering companies including Huckleberry Bakery and Café and Jennie Cooks catering. She is also executive chef and owner of That Girl Carrie catering where she cooked for extensive celebrity clients and worked as chef on numerous feature film productions. Chef Cusack also owns Frankie and Tiny’s Pies where she sold all natural sweet and savory pies at local Los Angeles farmer’s markets. Her success with Frankie and Tiny’s led her to open simplethings sandwich and pie shop in West Hollywood. She has been featured numerous times in Food and Wine magazine, Sunset magazine, In Style Magazine, Us Weekly Magazine, Angeleno Magazine, LA Confidential and LA Weekly. She was chosen by Entertainment Tonight as the sole dessert provider for the 2011 Emmy Awards. As well, Tillamook cheese features many of her recipes as simplethings is featured as one of their “restaurants to watch” for 2012.

Chef Cusack believes that not only does food nourish, but it heals. By using real ingredients that are sourced locally and used seasonally her method is the epitome of California cuisine. Menus are developed in a thoughtful manner. Each client will be thought of as an individual and all dietary concerns will be met. Chef Cusack’s passion is to create fresh, sustainable and delicious food that is good for the body and soul.