Prominence Treatment Center is a luxury addiction and rehabilitation center located in the hills of beautiful Malibu, California. Our longstanding philosophy of holistic care combines world class, safe, and individualized addiction treatment with many of the comforts of home.

Our resort-like villas feature gorgeous views, plush bedding, and access to technology to maintain contact with loved ones (which is often prohibited in other treatment facilities).

A Premier Luxury Rehabilitation Facility

We understand how difficult this can be, so we limit the number of openings we have to 6, ensuring that we can offer you continuous care and support as you take steps to overcome your addiction. After your successful stay with us, you will feel empowered with renewed strength, and ready to reclaim your life.

Addiction Programs

A trusted leader in drug addiction rehabilitation, Prominence has created a variety of specialized treatment programs that currently include:

  1. Alcohol Treatment and Rehabilitation
  2. Cocaine Addiction Treatment
  3. Methamphetamine Rehab and Treatment
  4. Ecstasy Addiction Treatment

Prescription Drug Abuse Treatment

  1. Oxycodone Addiction
  2. Percocet Addiction
  3. Vicodin Addiction

Disorder Treatment

  1. Depression
  2. Anxiety
  3. Mood Disorders
  4. Codependence
  5. Gambling

The detoxification process is a difficult yet integral element in the recovery process for each of the programs we offer. Prominence‘s knowledgeable and highly experienced staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to closely monitor each of our patients and manage the sometimes severe withdrawal symptoms that accompany the detoxification process.

This is completed in our comfortable, private and luxurious retreat-like facility, rather than a traditional hospital-like environment. We have found that a home-like environment makes it much easier for our clients to relax and engage in the recovery process.

The trademark of our Malibu recovery program is the Non 12-Step Rehab Program, which treats the person, not the addiction. This individualized program is tailored specifically for your personal needs and is unique to you. Your counselor will meet with you and help define your goals and preferences for treatment in order to develop a plan for you that combines elements from many of the following successful treatment programs:

We Can Help! Please Call Our Luxury Rehab Center Now

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, our addiction specialists are standing by ready to help you take the first step toward recovery. Call us at  to reserve your spot today at our Malibu location.

We have a limited number of beds available at our luxury, resort-like facility in the hills of Malibu, California.

Please contact us for a free and confidential assessment. We accept insurance and are a member of the California Department of Alcohol and Addiction.